White Glove Distribution Services When You Can’t Afford to Be Line Down.

In the world of semiconductor manufacturing, uptime is crucial. Hubbard-Hall’s Inventory Management Service ensures materials are always available to prevent production line downtime. One evening, Hubbard-Hall’s Director of Supply Chain received an after-hours call from a customer in New England experiencing material defects.

Despite being at dinner with his family, the director took the call. The customer reported quality issues and expressed urgency in resolving them to avoid production delays. Hubbard-Hall’s team quickly sprang into action to address the problem.

Hubbard-Hall’s Inventory Management Service ensures a wide range of high-quality materials are always in stock. With over 27 years of experience, the company boasts a 97% on-time shipping rate, crucial for keeping semiconductor fabs operational. Their ability to promptly provide reliable materials has made them a valuable resource for customers prioritizing equipment uptime and product manufacturing over managing warehouse space.

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Excerpt: In the world of today’s supply chain challenges, semiconductor manufacturers need reliability and resources to help their production lines stay up and running. The mission of Hubbard-Hall’s Inventory Management Service is to keep materials flowing to eliminate down time production. That was the case when Carter Burningham, Hubbard-Hall’s Director of Supply Chain, received a call after-hours from a customer having issues with a defect in the material they were using in their New England manufacturing facility.

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